Sunny Dunedin

by Peter Croft

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This one goes out to everyone in my town masturbating to keep warm. We've all been there


I know a place where the streets are paved with spew
Where getting up at noon is the norm
A magical place where all your dreams will come true
Unless one of those dreams is being warm

A place where everybody gets along
like Uni students and alcohol
Two things we happen to be the leaders of
A place where coma'd freshers line the streets
there's a smile on every face you meet
cause we live in a city everybody loves...

And we're also taking large amounts of drugs

So sit down son, get another beer in ya
Let me tell you why I live here
It's a mad place, where the drunks sing
"Fuck Arana" while the clocktower bell rings out
Oh, I know it's cold like they told ya
But it's nice and warm here by the burning sofa.
Oh, I know it's not the garden of Eden
But I still love Sunny Dunedin

I know a place where everybody's poor
so no one really cares about money
So many places and people to see and explore
You won't have any time to study

A place where everybody gets along
like Hyde St and beer bongs
like starters bar and white girl wasted girls

A place where you can get your degree,
a loan with a money back guarantee
to take your fucking place in the world???

I don't know what that means and no one every will.


I know a place where puffer jackets are worn
Every hour of every day
It don't matter what you did or who you were before
You love the highlanders no matter how shit they play

A place where everybody gets along
like Chlamydia and Unicol
Like Vodka shots and 16 year old sluts

A place that has the best university
in the whole entire country
Yeah, Canturbury and Vic can go get fucked

If it's not from Otago your degree will suck.


(Emotional breakdown, it's okay to cry at this point)

But you dear fresher when you come on down
In your shitty car from your shitty town
to your shitty hall where in your shitty room
You'll drink shitty beer and have shitty sex too
and in the morning you'll go to your shitty course
get the shitty grades you pay a shit load for
You'll get your shit together to try and pass that exam
Halfway through you'll shit yourself when the shit hits the fan
but you'll still pass that shit, though many bricks were shat
now you've got a shitty lease on a shitty flat
where you'll eat shitty food and drink more shitty beer
'til your so shit faced you lose your shit everywhere
and after two or three or four or five years of this shit
all the piece of shit assignments you had to hand in
You used to have shit for brains but now you've made it
You finally know your shit now you've graduated
And when you look back at all the time that you spent
To get a piece of paper and a shit load of debt
you'll say. "To get this I went through four years of shit
but you know I fucking loved every minute of it"

Drink up son get another beer in ya
It won't be too long before I leave here
It's a cold place that fed and housed me how
It glows bright with the lights of nostalgia now
Oh, I know it's cold like they told ya
but you won't feel it if you keep your friends close, yeah
I know it's not the Garden of Eden
It's not as gorgeous as Norway or Sweden
Oh I never found the Garden of Eden
But I found.

Sunny Dunedin


released April 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Peter Croft Dunedin, New Zealand

Peter Croft has been writing songs for the better part of 5 years. He now plays the funnier ones in the cardigan his mother knitted him with his trusty friend/electric piano, Casio. Based in Dunedin, he is one of New Zealand's funniest comedic singer/songwriters... probably. Not as good as Flight of the Choncords, though. He spends his spare time wallowing in crippling debt and drinking. ... more

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